Simple is Beautiful

Some time you/I want to show everything or too much on web. Sometime People lost interested. How long will users stay on a web page before leaving. Not very long - The average page visit lasts a little less than a minute. Simple and Organize are Key.  also keep ACTIVE.

Stop Covid-19 Special Offer

New normal and ready for 2022

We are all impacted  by Covid-19. I have been "working from Home" status since March 22. I am getting bored to stay home doing what? Someday I made a lot of masks for friends , another day just clean my room all day, I did renovation my room also.
I wonder that some people out there, they might strangle of their  business because Tourist from Japan stop coming here in Hawaii .  I have been attending many Hawaiian show in japan past 10+years and I met my local business owners.  They have a passion to meet to people who loves Hawaii and sharing story and their unique products.
We are not sure when or how stop covid-19 and all business back to New normal.

I personally, I will not expected anything this year 2021, but I want to be ready for 2022.
Let's do togethers.

It is Ok if you dont have a budgets for now. You can installment as much you can, I will trust you.
I do understand your situation, Please contact me any questions.
Thank  you.